Spectators Are Highly Valued At This Event

Many athletes, especially the amateur ones, have a tough time making it to big events more than once or twice a year or even at all. Those with families especially struggle to take time away from their kids and spouses and bringing them along is almost always more hassle than it’s worth. Worrying about what they can do while the race is being run, where they can stay before and after and whether or not they are able to follow the race makes it often a big-time headache. It’s obviously a major downside to events that take longer than one day and people often see the full weekend schedule and decide instead on something closer and more convenient.

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships and its entire format was created with this at the forefront of priorities. We want our runners to have the best racing conditions and environment as possible and that, for us, definitely includes the comfort of the families and friends who want to come along and cheer on their loved ones.

The whole valley of Gastein has done an unbelievable job in working together with the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships in making this one of the premier events for runner and spectator alike. The spectator packages range from more active – tougher hikes and e-bike trails – to less active – short hikes and gondola rides – and each has options for wonderful meals in breathtaking locations. With each package you are able to meet the runners at several of the key positions on the course including the Stubnerkogel for the Summit Party, where the first racers are likely to show up after 10:45 a.m. Then by 3:30 a.m, you will be at the Alpen Arena in Bad Hofgastein, able to cheer on the eventual World Champion and/or the trail runners you came to support.

The active 1 spectator package can be found and booked on our partner website GASTEIN.COM. Included in this package will be an E-bike tour to Sportgastein followed by a hike to the Bockhartsee, Nassfeld and finally the Summit Party.

For the active 2 package (again found on GASTEIN.COM) you will catch a ride up the Graukogel, hike along the “pine path” to the Stubnerkogel, and eventually end up at the Summit Party.

The active 3 package is, you guessed it, also found and bookable on GASTEIN.COM. This time you can hike on the Stubnerkogel along the race course and end up, as always, at the Summit Party.

Have no fear, if you aren’t in the mood for hiking or just feel like taking it easy there is also a “light package”. Beginning at 4 a.m., you’ll be right there as the athletes get the race started. Whenever you have an appetite, Konditorei Röck will be there to serve you a power breakfast right next door. After enjoying a hike along the Pine Path on the Graukogel, you will continue up to the Stubnerkogel for the Summit Party, where the first racers are likely to show up after 10:45 a.m. By 3:30 a.m, you will already be at the Alpen Arena in Bad Hofgastein, able to cheer on the eventual World Champions, as well as your own personal favorites as they cross the finish line.

If you are not up for a guided spectator tour you can just take the Gondola up to Graukogel and enjoy host Franz’s largest Alpine breakfast while waiting for the runners.

These packages offer phenomenal options that give you multiple ways of enjoying the day alongside your running friends. You can hit the hot-spots along the routes while also getting in some exercise of your own, eating some fantastic food and always ending up at the top of Stubnerkogel for the Summit Party and finally to the Alpenarena to cheer on the finishers.

We truly believe that the spectator packages added to the wonderful accommodation, world-class trails, scenery and atmosphere, makes adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships a one-of-a-kind race that will become a “must” for every trail runner from all around the world year in and year out.

Please keep in mind that we are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about these packages, where to stay, rules and regulations or anything else you may want to know in better detail. Our website is chock-full of information but we pride ourselves on how quickly we respond to your questions. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + for daily updates and answers to FAQs and never hesitate to message us with any sort of query.

For all things spectator packages, please head to our partner website at GASTEIN.COM.

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We are less than 50 days away from the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships so BOOK NOW before it’s too late and you miss out on the best trail running event of 2018! I also want to meet each and every one of you….so, please don’t disappoint me.

I’m in.

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-Kevin Gillikin