to mentally prepare for your race

We are excited that our event is the first trail race in the world that offers a brand-new experience which can help you mentally prepare for our race.

NEURUN course visualization provides you the ability to explore key sections of the adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS racecourses from a POV perspective. The videos give you a sneak peak of the beautiful trails you will get to run!

Together with our course director @sibylle_schild we’ve added little notes to each section that point out what you should watch out for or be aware of during your run. This should help you calm your nerves and mentally equip you for race day.

Each racecourse is divided into different clips. These are usually designed from aid station to aid station or a specific section of the route. In the play bar of the clips, icons indicate information such as ascent, downhill, aid station, or special sections of the route. In the play bar, you can also jump from note to note. Clicking on the map icon in the upper right corner switches you to map mode. Here, the GPS track and kilometer markers are integrated for orientation. If you activate one of the small red play icons along the route and then click the play button in the upper right corner, you will jump directly to the appropriate clip at the selected location.

With NEURUN, you will walk up to the start line equipped with the course knowledge and confidence to achieve your race day goals, whether it’s arriving at the finish line or clocking your #FastestOwnTime.

Kudos to our course film crew @sibylle_schild, @lifeofkalle86 and @nextlevel.project!


Important notice: the racecourse shown here or the aid stations may change under certain circumstances, such as weather conditions, permits, or unforeseen events.