through the eyes of our photographers

Ian Corless

Ian Corless has gained prominence for his exceptional photography within the trailrunning and ultra running communities. He travels to various scenic locations around the world to document trail races, capturing the breathtaking landscapes and the sheer determination of the athletes who participate in these events.

Manuel Marktl

Manuel Marktl is a versatile photographer, drone pilot, and outdoor enthusiast. Born in Spain, he spent his formative years in the mountainous region of Carinthia, Austria. His photography journey began at the age of 13 when he started capturing the excitement of skiing and freeriding with friends.

Over time, Manuel had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional clients and athletes from around the world. Drawing from these diverse experiences, he has developed expertise in commercial outdoor on-location productions, sports photography, and still life. His work reflects a unique blend of technical precision and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of outdoor landscapes.

Ronny Katsch

Ronny Katsch is the editor of the Gasteiner Bezirksblätter newspaper and a respected photographer hailing from this picturesque region. With a profound knowledge of the Gasteinertal area, Ronny possesses a comprehensive understanding of his homeland.

His dual role as a photographer and editor enables him to document the essence of the Gasteinertal with a unique and empathetic perspective. Thus, Ronny Katsch not only captures breathtaking visual moments but weaves narratives that reflect the heart and soul of this stunning valley.

Jens Klatt

Jens Klatt, a renowned whitewater kayaking legend, is also known for his talent as a photographer. His style ranges from action shots in outdoor adventures to picturesque landscape photos captured during his expeditions.

Matthias Wendling

Matthias Wendling is an enthusiastic photographer who not only loves photography but also mountains and adventures. After a three-year world trip, he made photography his main profession and enjoys holding a camera in his hands every day.

His approach to photography is characterized by naturalness and authenticity. With Matthias, there are no staged poses because he believes that honest emotions and spontaneous interactions create the most beautiful moments in photography.

Petter Engdahl

Petter Engdahl is a multifaceted athlete and photographer based in Trondheim, Norway, where he competes professionally for adidas TERREX. While excelling in running and skiing, Petter’s philosophy revolves around cherishing the mountainous terrain with friends or in solitude, participating in competitions across the globe, and seeking versatility over sheer excellence.

In addition to his athletic endeavors, Petter Engdahl is also a photographer, capturing the beauty of the outdoors and the moments of his adventurous life. His unique perspective as an athlete and photographer allows him to share his experiences and the natural wonders with a wider audience.


With Sportograf we can offer you a participant photo service that ensures that each and everyone of you will get his/her race pictures. You can choose to just buy a single photo or purchase the so called “Foto-Flat” – a package, which contains all personal pictures and additionally, a selection of the best generic impressions of the event.

Sportograf has always had its finger on the pulse of the time. They were the first supplier on the market to make their photos available exclusively for digital download and 15 years later they still have new ideas to make their products and services even better.

The new selfie search software will be used to assign your photos. The search function was developed by the Sportograf IT department and sorts your pictures by your selfie. They are therefore no longer dependent on perfectly legible bib numbers. It has already been used across the board at events of all kinds this year.

Sebastian Scholtysik

Sebastian Scholtysik is the Global Senior Communication Manager in the adidas TERREX Brand Comms Team. As a passionate photographer and runner with a keen eye for emotion and movement, Seb consistently captures unique moments of the adidas TERREX Trail Running Team. His photos especially reflect the dynamism and intensity of the sport.