... and get familiar with our race courses

We are pleased to present you the adidas TERREX INFINITE TRAILS Trailbook 2024 in preparation for your
@infinitetrailsrace in the beautiful Gastein/ SalzburgerLand on September 7th.

In addition to all route maps, elevation profiles and waypoints. A lot of people have put a lot of time and passion into this. A declaration of consent had to be obtained from over 650 property owners so that the racecourse can run over their private property, and we can transmit the track data to you.

As a Sustainable Event, it is our concern to consider all stakeholders, especially those who do not have a voice of their own: nature and wildlife. #RespektTIERE (Respect Your Limits) is an initiative in the state of Salzburg that focuses on the respectful treatment of nature and wild animals, which we fully support as race organizers. The feeding habits of wild animals, breeding seasons of birds and the function of protective forests and quiet zones play an important role. A bright headlamp in the wrong place at the wrong time can startle wild animals so much that they leave their traditional pastures forever. As avid outdoor fans, you should also take this into account on your trail runs. Find out about wildlife protection zones and avoid them in the dark.

Our race date will overlap with the deer rut. We responded by starting @infinitetrailsrace 2024 after sunrise and ending it at sunset. We hope this trail book will help you prepare for Race Day and look forward to seeing you at the start line!