ABSOLUTELY! The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships are a Pro-Am race and you do not have to qualify. Any team who feels fit enough to tackle 127km and 7,800 vertical meters together in this relay format, is welcome. You will thoroughly enjoy this trail running experience, even if your focus is finishing and not winning.

There are three options for the event: All male, all female or mixed teams.

You must be at least 18 years of age and you will sign a declaration of liability saying that you are physically fit and capable of participating.

The registration office opens at 12:00 CET on Thursday June 24th (until 17:00), the Home of adidas TERREX opens at 10:00. The event officially kicks off with the Prologue race briefing at the Alpen Arena at 05:45 CET on Thursday. For more info on the timeline check out the program for the weekend.

Salzburg is the closest with a transfer time of 1 1/2 hours but Innsbruck and Munich are also nearby and about 2 1/2 hours from Gastein. There are multiple services and taxis which can help you to reach your final destination. Check out our Location page for more info.

The trains of the Austrian, Swiss and German rail services take you to all three villages in the Gastein valley, for a low fare and in an environmentally friendly, stress-free way. Austria’s ÖBB Railjet takes passengers to the Gastein valley eight times a day. The German rail service, Deutsche Bahn, offers a direct connection to the Gastein valley four times a day. The train from Salzburg to Gastein operates every two hours and its duration is as short as one and a half hour. Thanks to railcard discounts and economy prices, you can also travel to the Gastein valley for a really low price, with fares starting at €39.90. From Munich, tickets are available starting at just €19.90. For detailed information on all train travel options see our location/train travel page.

We have numerous aid stations along the race course that provide PowerBar sports nutrition, fruit, sweet and salty snacks, water, isotonic drinks and Coke. You can also bring your own race nutrition, but you must carry it in your backpack and mark it with your start number.

You can still participate in the event if a teammate is forced to cancel but you will need to find a replacement. If you are forced to cancel altogether, you have to contact the race organizer and inform him of the reason. Paid entry fees cannot be refunded, though we recommend an additional ticket insurance, which will reimburse your entry fees if you are unable to take part in the race for health reasons. For participants from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland or the Czech Republic, it is possible to book the ticket insurance here. For more information please see the rules and regulations.

Yes, there are fixed starting times for each loop (i.e. cut-off Loop 1/ final start time Loop 2 10:00 am, cut-off Loop 2/ final start time Loop 3 7:00 pm). This means that even if your teammate can’t finish, you can run no matter what. Your team would be disqualified if one member cannot not complete their part but each loop is a run unto itself and the individual finishers of each route will also be recognized.

There will be no portable toilets along the race course but there are toilets at the various huts and hot spots along the route including: Graukogel Hut and Stubnerkogel Upper Station, both are several kilometers from the start of the loop. For more details see the race/routes section of this website.

Accommodations are not covered in the packages but there are many great, world-class options in the area. Several of these offer healthy breakfasts, top-notch service and they will even launder your used sports wear and have it ready the next morning. For athletes, the entry package including transponder, welcome letter, Gastein Info Package (entry to the Alpentherme, voucher and goodie) will be awaiting you in your room. See all of the wonderful options at Gastein.com.

As there will be hundreds of competitors running along a track which is at times very narrow, there is simply no space left for dogs. Animals are not allowed on the course at any time.

June 10th, 2021 at 6:00 pm or whenever the 333 team slots are filled.

After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Use this link to make your own changes. You can change your team name as well as your personal data. It is also possible to change a team member. If the new teammate has a different gender your category is adjusted automatically.

We have created a Facebook group aimed at supporting solo runners in finding potential teammates.

You will get a participation gift from adidas as well as a finisher shirt and a finisher certificate.

There are many different hot spots and view-points along the routes. Atop the mountains, inside the three villages and at the Alpen Arena. Please look at the spectator page for a better idea of the best places to watch the run.

Yes, you must all complete the Prologue but it’s not mandatory that you and your teammates cross the finish line together. You can run at your own tempo. Your accumulated place figures (e.g. 10th +13th + 24th = 47) will determine your start position, meaning that in the pursuit start on Sunday morning your first runner (Loop 1) will start XY seconds behind the first runner of the fastest Prologue team. The time intervals are determined by a formula based on a 1-hour start window (from 4:00 am to 5:00 am).

Yes. In case a team member has to step out due to injury or health reasons you can replace that person yourself until 23.06.2021 at 6:00 pm. Afterwards you have to do it onsite at the race office when checking in. We highly recommend concluding a ticket insurance just in case you don’t find a replacement (refer to ticket insurance).

During the Prologue/15K RUN on Thursday as well as during the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships on Saturday the clothes bag service is located in the Athlete Garden (drop-off and pick-up).

The long-sleeve top may be replaced with an additional t-shirt plus arm warmers, which cover the forearm and the upper arm, i.e. the arm warmers must cover the elbow and above.

No. There is no mandatory equipment required for the Prologue/ 15K RUN.