Team Loop M

Length: 34,9 km
Elevation change: 2726 vm +/-
Maximum height: 2467m (Gamskarkogel)
Surface types: trail, gravel path, asphalt
Highlights: Summit at Europe's Highest Grass Mountain

After a fast kick-start through the Kurpark (spa gardens) you go uphill right away towards Schlossalm. After passing Hotel Goldberg you first follow the Vogellehrpfad until km 3.2. Then, after a short downhill section, you leave the path to the right going uphill.

Over meadows and trails after passing the Mitteregg- and Baldaufgut you reach the Schlossalmrundweg, which spirals upwards.

Almost at the highest point, at 5.8 km, you pass the first aid station. Now there are only 50 metres of elevation on forest roads left before you head back towards the valley. After passing the Aeroplanstadl you take the chute further downhill and from Goldberg you already know the way through the “Kurpark” (spa garden) where you can refresh yourself at the 2nd aid station at km 13.5, because there are another 1900 vertical meters ahead of you.

After less than 1 km of asphalt on the path through the village center, you become immersed again in the wonderful world of trail running on the waterfall path up to the Annencafé, and cross the forest road several times, but always take the short route through the woods, and at 18.6 km you pass the Rastözenalmen (= 3rd aid station).

The flowing trail then spirals further and further upwards until you reach the ridge between the Gastein and Großarl valleys after 20.5 km. You follow this ridge for 4km, during which you have a beautiful view of large expanses of the surrounding area.

At 24 km you reach the Gamskarkogel alpine hut. At this point, you will have climbed the entire 2700 m of elevation and you can look forward to the downhill on the permanent T1 trail run route back to the Alpen Arena in Bad Hofgastein. The route leads you at km 24.5 to the right downhill back to the Rastötzenalm (=4th aid station, here you can refresh yourself again before continuing downhill on the familiar route. At 29.5 km you leave T1 at a fountain sharply to the left. From here you are on a forest road which, after a short uphill section, continues downhill to the right (towards Planitzenbauer). At 30.7 km you turn sharply to the right, pass a farm and after a short stretch of asphalt you turn onto the Höhenweg at Café Sonnberg, which takes you the last few meters back into the valley and to the finish.