You Have to be a Little Crazy to be a Trail Runner

I don’t think I would be amiss in saying that trail runners, ultra runners and marathon runners are some of the crazier, more adventurous and fun loving people that you will ever meet. It must be something about the “lone wolf” aspect of running for hours and hours and sometimes with no other competitors in sight that sets you apart from other athletes. You train alone, push yourself and set your own goals and schedules and to succeed as a runner you have to be a self motivator and just nuts enough to finish races even when your entire body hurts and screams for you to quit.

As I’ve mentioned before, adding this “me against the world” type of mentality to a team atmosphere has got to be one of the best ideas since sliced bread. At the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships we will combine the intensity and craziness of each runner to a super motivating and enjoyable group effort that should be something truly special.

As I interview our amateur groups, I get a good look inside some of these teams and what makes them click, what they’re most excited about and just how they feel about running as a trio.

One of our all lady, Bavarian groups is team “Fuchsdeifelswuid”, made up of Gwendolyn Langer, Simone Koch and Laura Schadow.

You might be thinking, “what on earth does that name mean in English and please tell me it’s not something PG 13…”

No worries, this blog and team name are still family friendly: “Fuchsdeifeswuid is bavarian slang and literally means “wild fox devils“.

“We chose it because we consider ourselves as three strong, adventurous, (slightly crazy) but also fun women who love a challenge and all enjoy running nature trails,” explained spokeswoman of the group, Laura Schadow.

They aren’t lifelong friends like our last interviewees, the JINETES, but met at previous races and have formed a racing and “off trail” relationship within the last few years. They’ve run several events together but never as a trio since Laura is the connection between the other two who will meet for the first time this June in Gastein/SalzburgerLand. They are all very excited to race as a threesome for the first time at the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships.

“Running is a big part of our lives. Of course, there is training during the week but also all kinds of different race events we participate in on weekends. The events are very different. You can find everything in our race calendar from 10k to marathons, from street to trail and OCR,” said Laura.

They have not yet been to Gastein/SalzburgerLand but as Bavarians, they are all familiar with Alpine running and are prepared for the tough but beautiful trails of the region.

They also shared what they thought about the new and unique team format that will premier this June in Gastein: “It’s a special and uncommon format. You do it as a team but still everyone is running their own loop as a single race and at their own pace. Running the last kilometer together and crossing the finish line as a team will make it also very special and will show all the teamspirit. And hey, it is the World Championship! You do not often get the chance to participate at an event like that. Last but not least the countryside…to run in the Alps is always special.”

Though they are most eager to spend time with each other, they are also desirous to meet pro athletes from other sports like Olympic medallists in biathlon, Sven Fischer and Simon Schempp, who will run the Prologue/ Vertical Open as well as international trail running stars like Luis Alberto Hernando or Timothy Olson.

The Wild Fox Devils are one of many amateur teams that are gearing up for the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships and there is still plenty of time for you to register! It should be a fun event, just ask the “slightly crazy” ladies of team Fuchsdeifelswuid: “We are just very excited about the World Championships and filled with expectations of what a great adventure is awaiting us!”

We are excited too, ladies and can’t wait to see you there!

Team Fuchsdeifelswuid is in.

Are you?


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