The Gastein Alpentherme is Perfect for Race Prep and Recouperation

When I hear spa, thermal springs, massages and warm water lakes, it conjures up images of vacations and physical and mental comfort. To be able to combine these luxuries with an arduous and rewarding trail run has to be one of the best things on this earth. In Gastein, the Alpentherme is the place to be if you want to get top notch training facilities before the race and state of the art relaxation and rehabilitation programs afterwards.

The facility is offering a training program for athletes competing in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships and when you see what they can offer and the spectacular location, you may just pack your bags and head to the Gastein valley today! At the very least you can register now and get the special package available to all participants in the event. Many teams have already signed up for the run in June and you should be next to do so before it’s too late.

Speaking of registering…excuse my awkward segue…there is really something deeply satisfying about being first. Whether it’s first place in a race, first man on the moon, first commenter on a Facebook post, it’s a nice feeling. Maybe some firsts are better than others but human beings are built to enjoy being number one at anything and everything. In this case, team Alpentherme can stand tall and take pride in being the first team to register for the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships.

They signed up as soon as they knew about the event and have a unique position in regards to the area of Gastein and the event as a whole. They are sponsored by and (several of them work at) the beautiful Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein. The Therme is part sauna/thermal springs and part rehab/training facility.

Without further ado, I think it’s easiest if I let Mr Klaus Lemmerer introduce himself before we get into more detail about the Alpentherme and what it can offer to runners before and after the race.

“My name is Klaus Lemmerer and I am an employee of the Alpentherme Gastein. Since we are sponsored by the resort and we’ve got the Athletics park, it was important for us to be a part of the race too. All three of us are hobby athletes but we are capable of covering all three distances.”

“Patrick Lemmerer, my son, has already completed several events. He does Triathlons and Marathons but the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships is his first trail event. I – Klaus Lemmerer – have already done a trail event with 37 km and 2200 meters in gained altitude and have otherwise taken part in triathlon competitions and marathon races. Our third starter has only done marathons so far.”

As for the training Alpentherme can offer for this premier event in June, Klaus has plenty of info. It’s a modern health facility but has a lot of tradition and know-how and is an established part of the Bad Hofgastein spa center. They are able to use the valuable Gastein thermal water in various therapies which go a long way to promote relaxation, regeneration and other benefits. A large team of doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists works with modern methods to find what’s causing the primary issues.

“In the Alpentherme Gastein everyone can enjoy the Gasteiner thermal water, relaxation and recreation but also adventure.”

At this thermal oasis you will find the Relax World, a warm water pool with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and even two thermal lakes, Smaragd Lake and Crystal Lake (filled with pure thermal water), which are immaculately clean but chlorine-free so that you can float on them as if you were on a natural lake. The Sauna world is a mini paradise for those who love to sweat it out. There are 12 sauna chambers with different levels of heat and natural oil infusions. There’s a Ladies World, a sauna area for women only and a Family World where anyone can go to just have fun in the water. The opportunities for relaxation are so vast that it’ll be tough to decide what you can fit into your time at the Alpentherme.


The whole place will be open extra hours from Sunday 6:00 am until Monday 1:00 am. All athletes and spectators are welcome to be spoiled by the staff and the amenities. The starter package includes a three-hour entrance to the thermal baths and the sauna but you and your friends and family should be prepared to want and do much more.

Mr Lemmerer and his teammates have used the spa and training center in the months leading up to the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships: “The Alpentherme or the directly connected spa center offers many possibilities for training and regeneration. We have used them for our own preparation leading up to the big event in June and the biggest advantage is that everything can be found under one roof.”

The three team members have used the Center for Health and Sport for professional performance analyses with lactate determination and in-depth sports science in order to be in the best possible shape by June. If there is any physical discomfort during training there will always be doctors and physiotherapists ready to assist and address the problem. In the gym the runners can build strength and endurance and of course get the necessary relaxation and regeneration at the thermal baths and sauna worlds. Finally, professional masseurs are waiting to rub out your sore muscles and put the cherry on top of a great training.

All of this can also be used for those who visit after the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships but the Alpentherme team recommends a visit before as well.

“A good tip would be a short holiday in Gastein to get to know the conditions of the course and some time here to get a targeted performance analysis in our center.”

After the race on Sunday, competitors can particularly look forward to the adidas RELOAD Center, which will be located in the Alpentherme facilities and offers complimentary  physiotherapy and massages to all registered athletes, from pros to amateurs. On Saturday the adidas physiotherapists also have a 7-hour emergency service focusing on trouble spots and aches.

Thank goodness you won’t have to walk far for this special treat. The Alpentherme and its spa center are located right next to the finish line and will be there waiting with open arms for the athletes and their fans who need to recoup after a tough weekend of trail running.

In the end, Klaus couldn’t be more excited.

“It will be great to run in the beautiful Gastein mountains in what will hopefully be very good weather and we are also very happy to welcome the participants of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships to the athlete’s garden and the Alpentherme.”

Team Alpentherme is in.

Are you?


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