Rules & Regulations

The Regulations listed below apply to the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand, and to the Vertical Open.

By registering, you acknowledge these Regulations and give your assurance that you read the individual provisions in full and understood them. You will confirm this by adding your signature under the declaration of liability.

The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations. The latest version can be viewed at any time on this website.
Updated: 12.06.2018

adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand consist of a Prologue (individual race with mass start) and a relay competition with three successive competitors who must complete loops 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The championships also include a final 1 km “lap of honour” which must be completed by all relay team members together as a team:

Details of the routes are published on the website.
Loop 1: 25 km/1900 m
Loop 2: 57 km/3400 m
Loop 3: 40 km/2100 m

All the starters in a team must take part in the Prologue (Vertical Open) on Friday. Their performances in the Prologue will determine the intervals between their various start times for the chasing start of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships on Sunday.

Vertical Open

The Vertical Open is an individual uphill race starting in the Alpenarena in Bad Hofgastein and ending on the Stubnerkogel.

All starters in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships must take part in the Vertical Open because their placings will be converted into the intervals between their various start times for the chasing start on Sunday.

In addition, individual starters may register for the Vertical Open and only take part in this race.

Start: June 22, 2018, 5:00 pm
Finish closes: June 22, 2018, 10:00 pm
Distance: 19 km
Elevation change: 1.500 m

Route markings

The routes of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will be marked for the competition, and helpers will be deployed at critical locations. Because of the situations that can arise in open country and with changing weather conditions, it is not possible to guarantee that there will be no gaps in the route markings.

It is the athletes’ responsibility to keep themselves informed at all times about the correct routes and about how to use these routes in accordance with the rules. The Organiser will provide additional map and GPS material for this purpose.

If a competitor leaves the route indicated, this will lead to the immediate disqualification of the entire relay team.

If a competitor misses the routing or leaves the competition route, leading to disqualification, the Organiser accepts no responsibility for this.

Replacement markings

Depending on weather and other conditions, the Organiser reserves the right to change the route accordingly on safety grounds and to switch to alternative routes. These steps may alter the stated horizontal distances, elevation change and difficulty levels of the route.

Aid Stations

Each route will have several refreshment points. These will always be in huts, so they will also serve as checkpoints and first aid and rescue posts.

A wide range of food and drink will be available for competitors at every refreshment point. The exact locations of refreshment points will be provided on the route map. The competitor must ensure that he/she always takes enough food and drink with him/her to reach the next refreshment point safely.

The refreshment points are the only places where competitors may dispose of waste. Disposing of waste on the route (littering) is a breach of National Park Regulations and will be reported to the authorities, as well as resulting in the immediate disqualification of the offender’s entire relay team. Littering will be monitored by race marshals.

Time limits, finish closing time

Relay teams who have failed to pass the checkpoints by the specified cut-off times will be removed from the race on safety grounds by the Organiser.

Cut-off times:
10:00 am Loop 1 / Bad Hofgastein
7:00 pm Loop 2 / Sportgastein
7:00 pm Loop 2 / Bad Hofgastein
9:00 pm Loop 3 / Biberbalm
10:00 pm Loop 3 / Präaualm
11:00 pm Loop 3 / Dorfgastein

The finish will close at 01:00 am at the adidas INFINITE TRAILS Arena / Alpen Arena in Bad Hofgastein.

This schedule and the respective time limits are stated in detail on the route map and/or in the Call for Entrants. On safety grounds, the Organiser reserves the right to adjust the schedule and the cut-off times at short notice.

Cut-off times are non-negotiable and serve to keep competitors safe! If a competitor continues to run in breach of the route staff’s instructions, he/she does so at his/her own risk and will be immediately disqualified, along with his/her entire relay team. In this case, the competitor will no longer have any right to further services (refreshments, safeguarding for the route, etc.) as part of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand.

After the cut-off times and at the end of the race, the mountain rescue service and the race staff will comb and clear the route. Athletes who are found by the mountain rescue service must stop racing immediately, and will be led off the route for their own safety. The competition staff’s instructions also serve to keep competitors safe in this case and are non-negotiable.

Conduct on the route

The competitors undertake to follow all the rules and requirements arising from the provisions of these Regulations and their annexes, as well as all guidelines and instructions of the Race Committee, the route marshals and the first aid and rescue services (mountain rescue service, Race Doctor, etc.).

In particular, the following rules must be followed:

  • All competitors must follow the route markings.
  • Competitors will take the necessary steps – irrespective of explicit rules or instructions – to avoid endangering themselves, other competitors, organisation representatives or third parties on or in the vicinity of the route on account of the route conditions and weather conditions.
  • Competitors must help people who are in danger or have had an accident, and must report every accident immediately by telephone to the Race Committee, or notify an official helper on the route.
  • Competitors must get out of the way of faster athletes and let them overtake.
  • Competitors must protect the environment: no waste of any kind may be left on the route. If this rule is breached, the offender’s entire team will be disqualified.
  • It is prohibited to provide a runner with any form of physical support (pushing, pulling or carrying).
Public pathways
  • The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will take place on public roads, forest roads, trails, paths and hiking routes that will not be cordoned off.
  • The road traffic regulations and rules for the use of forest roads and tracks, paths and trails are also mandatory during the competition. Competitors must follow the instructions of the police, the Route Manager and the other route staff. It is against the rules of the competition to take short cuts and leave the route: this increases the risk of accidents, harms the environment and will result in the immediate disqualification of the offender’s entire team.
  • The routes of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will be marked. Nevertheless, it is the competitors’ responsibility to always stay on the race route, to be aware of the course of the route and not to leave the route even when visibility is limited (in darkness, fog, rain, etc.).
  • The routes of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will be equipped with visible and invisible checkpoints. If a competitor fails to pass any one of these checkpoints, his/her entire relay team will be disqualified.
  • The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand consist of a Prologue and a relay race. The Prologue must be completed by the same three competitors who form the relay team. Only competitors who successfully take part in both parts of the competition will be classified.
  • A relay team consists of three competitors. Each individual will complete his/her loop, before the entire team runs the “lap of honour” (1 km) together. Only teams that complete the entire route successfully and finish the race together will be classified.
  • As a fundamental rule, every competitor must be as careful as is necessary and behave in a fair and sporting manner towards other competitors, tourists, officials of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand, and third parties.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to change sections of the routes before the Event, or even at short notice. The final route will be announced at the mandatory race briefing at the latest.
  • The use of poles is permitted on all parts of the route. However, if poles are carried at the start, they must not be left on the route. It is not permitted for any athlete starting without a pole to pick up and use any poles during the course of the race.
  • Any competitor who breaches the laws of the State of Salzburg or of the National Park Administration, and in particular the rules of conduct relating to environmental protection (e.g. disposal of waste on the route), will be reported to the authorities, as well as having their entire relay team immediately disqualified.
  • All competitors are required to show consideration, sportsmanship and fairness and to provide support in emergencies.

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand (also the “Event”) are the trail running relay world championships for teams of three (women, men or mixed).

The Event includes technically demanding and challenging routes in alpine and high alpine terrain.

By registering, the competitor confirms that he/she meets the requirements for competing in a race with the stipulated criteria and is aware of the risks associated with this.

Competitor requirements

Competitors must fulfil the following criteria:

  • General alpine experience; sure-footedness on alpine paths, including steep paths, even in exposed terrain and where there is a risk of falling. The competitor’s sure-footedness must not be impaired by a fear of heights.
  • Sufficient physical and mental capacity and health to complete the competition within the time limits set for the respective sections of the routes, even if, as portrayed in the route description, the running terrain is high, alpine, technically demanding and made more difficult by the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Confirmation of sufficient sporting capacity to compete in this endurance competition, which is done by signing the declaration of liability (no requirement to submit a doctor’s certificate).
  • Capacity to find his/her way in alpine terrain by using map or GPS files, even in bad weather and limited visibility.
  • Knowledge of first aid.
  • Awareness of what to do in emergencies in alpine terrain, and knowledge of the emergency action plan of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand.
  • Only competitors aged 18 or over are entitled to compete.

By signing the declaration of liability, and indeed by registering in the first place, the competitor confirms that he/she has the experience, knowledge and skills listed here, and meets the other requirements listed here, and that he/she is not aware of having any pre-existing conditions or limitations that could call into question his/her ability to compete in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand. In this context, the points listed by the Organiser are not an exhaustive list as regards the experience and knowledge referred to here, but are merely examples.

Maximum number of competitors

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships are limited to 333 teams with three starters each.

In addition, 500 individual starters are permitted for the Vertical Open.

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships will include the following classification categories:

  • MEN

The Vertical Open is an open individual race. There are separate classifications for men and women, but no age-group classifications.

Race numbers

Each competitor must wear his/her race number so that it is clearly visible on the front of his/her body at all times throughout the entire race. Each race number is personal and non-transferable. If anyone gives away his/her race number, this will result in the immediate disqualification of his/her entire relay team.

The race number must not be altered, made smaller or covered by clothing.


The transponder chip will be used for timekeeping purposes and to record the athletes at predefined points on the route, in order to confirm that they have properly completed the route. If the transponder is lost, the runner will not be recorded at these points. If a competitor loses his/her transponder, he/she must report this loss at the next checkpoint. If he/she is not recorded at several checkpoints, he/she may be subject to a penalty up to and including the disqualification of his/her entire relay team, if it cannot be proven that he/she has correctly passed the route points.

Mandatory equipment

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand require specific items of equipment that competitors must wear or have with them:

  • (foldable) cup or flask (no cups provided, except for VERTICAL OPEN)
  • Carrying capacity for at least 0,5 litre of water or other drinks during the race (our recommendation: 1 liter)
  • Watertight jacket (this can be same as insulating jacket, if the jacket is also waterproof)
  • Insulating jacket (e.g. fleece) and long trousers/tights
  • Gloves and hat
  • Headlamp
  • Mandatory first aid kit (incl. 1 rescue blanket, 2 compresses 10×10 cm/ 4×4”, 2 first aid dressings size M, 2 gloves, 1 triangular bandage, 2 (band-aid) adhesive bandages, 2 adhesive blister bandages OR a small alternative first aid kit from specialist retailers)
  • Whistle (can be integrated in trail running backpack or chest strap)
  • GPS device or watch or alternatively, printed versions of route maps (issued during registration)
  • Mobile telephone that is charged and switched on, and on which the Medical Crew’s number is saved in order to make emergency calls (it is essential to ensure that the mobile can make calls in Austria)

The Organiser will carry out checks before the start and on a random basis at the finish to ensure that competitors are carrying/wearing the required equipment/clothing during the competition. Any competitor who fails to carry/wear the required equipment/clothing will be disqualified.

If a competitor is carrying a pole at the start, he/she must not put it down during the race, but must carry it until he/she has completed the loop. Conversely, it is not permitted to start without poles and pick them up at any point of the route.

Starting positions

The process of lining up at the start for the Prologue and the Vertical Open race will begin 30 minutes before the official start time.

The starting positions for the three-person relay race (Sunday) of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will be announced at the race briefing on Saturday. Each starter is responsible for ensuring a punctual start. This means that he/she must be present at the start area / Alpenarena no later than 30 minutes before his/her individual start time. If a competitor makes a false/premature start, the Competition Management will impose a time penalty up to and including the immediate disqualification of his/her entire relay team.

Assistance from third parties

No competitor may use the assistance of third parties (spectators, supervisors or other competitors) during the race, unless they fall, are injured or are involved in other emergency situations. The only exceptions are the provision of food, drink, items of clothing or replacement materials at refreshment points and checkpoints. These are marked in the Call for Entrants and on the route map.

If a competitor uses the services of third parties (e.g. recovery, first aid and rescue services), he/she must bear the costs arising from this.

By registering, the competitor authorises the Organiser to collect payment for the costs that arise for these services if such services are required by the Organiser, in order to keep the competitor safe.

When he/she registers, the competitor may take out an insurance policy for the weekend of the Event in order to be covered in the event of emergencies.

Time penalties and disqualification

The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify competitors or impose time penalties on them if they break the competition rules, are guilty of grossly unsportsmanlike behaviour or gross misconduct towards helpers or third parties, and/or commit breaches of the laws of the State of Salzburg and of High Tauern National Park.

If a competitor is disqualified, the Organiser will not reimburse any of his/her costs, and all claims against the Organiser will cease to be valid as of the time of disqualification.

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand are an outdoor running event in which competitors will be entirely on their own, i.e. will be travelling autonomously, for long stretches of the route. Competitors’ autonomy involves the ability of each competitor, despite the marked route, the provision of some degree of safeguarding for the route by various services (Medical Crew, mountain rescue, etc.) and the Organiser’s individual refreshment points, to find his/her own way round the route, to make his/her own decisions regarding all objective mountain hazards (darkness, rain, storms, fog, snowfall, ice, risk of falling, etc.) and his/her subjective capacities during the competition, and to feed him/herself and give him/herself drinks between the Organiser’s refreshment points. Even darkness (during night hours), difficult weather conditions (e.g. heavy rain or snowfall), adverse route conditions (e.g. wet or soft ground) and changes in the competitor’s capacities (e.g. tiredness or injury) do not relieve the competitor of this autonomy.

Every competitor will receive final information about the competition in his/her start documents. Even before this, every competitor is obliged to obtain the necessary information about the race via the adidas INFINITE TRAILS website (

A race briefing for the Prologue of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand and for the Vertical Open race will take place on Friday June 22, 2018, at 4:00 pm at the Alpen Arena.

An extensive race briefing for the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand will take place from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm (German) and 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm (English) on Saturday after the Athlete’s Brunch at the Alpen Arena.

Participation in the race briefings is mandatory for all starters and will serve to ensure that they compete safely and successfully in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand. You will receive your bib number for Sunday after the race briefing (3:00 pm – 5:30 pm).

Competitors who prematurely end their involvement in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand must contact the Organiser to deregister without delay.

If a competitor drops out and does not deregister, he/she will bear the costs of any search carried out by the first aid and rescue staff.

Each competitor must have his/her own personal insurance cover for accidents and other damages. The Organiser accepts no liability for first aid and rescue costs in the event of an accident.

If it is necessary to do so in the interests of an accident victim, the official mountain rescue service will be alerted. From that point on, the latter will take charge of the rescue operation using the necessary resources, including helicopters. The person rescued must cover the costs that arise, and must also arrange their own return from the place of evacuation. The competitor him/herself is responsible for notifying his/her insurer of the incident in a timely manner and in accordance with the regulations.

If the Organiser needs to cover the costs of a rescue operation directly, the competitor or his/her insurer must reimburse the Organiser for these costs.

Every competitor is strongly advised to take out a (travel) health insurance policy which covers helicopter deployment and return transport.

You may book an additional accident insurance for the competition during the registration.
Paid entry fees cannot be refunded, though we recommend an additional ticket insurance, which will reimburse your entry fees if you are unable to take part in the race for health reasons. For participants from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland or the Czech Republic it is possible to book a ticket insurance here.

The Organiser reserves the right to carry out unannounced Anti-Doping-Control tests. These will be carried out by the national anti-doping agencies and evaluated and followed up according to their rules.

Every competitor who tests positive for doping will be immediately disqualified, as will his/her relay team. In this case, any prize money that has already been paid out must be paid back in full within 14 days.

Sustainability is an integral part of the Event concept for the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships Gastein / SalzburgerLand.

Because the race route passes through High Tauern National Park, competitors’ treatment of the environment will be rigorously monitored. If a competitor disposes of waste outside the checkpoints or refreshment points, or causes any intentional harm to nature, he/she and his/her entire relay team will be disqualified.

Each competitor may lodge a protest at the Race Office, in the event of rule breaches by other competitors or against the Race Management’s decisions up to the finish closing time, and may name witnesses. The Race Management will handle the protest and announce a decision within 24 hours. All named witnesses must appear when the protest is lodged. The protest fee is EUR 100.00.

If the protest fails, the protest fee will be retained by the Organiser. If a decision is made in favour of the protester, the fee will be returned to the latter.

The Regulations listed above and the breaches mentioned that may result in time penalties or disqualification are merely an excerpt, and other possible actions may also be subject to penalties.