Race Director Mike Talks Insurance

Mike put together another super informative live Q&A session and this time, on top of answering a few questions, he discussed ticket and health insurance. The video is not long and it is chock-full of valuable information.


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The first insurance he discussed was for tickets in case of injury, family emergency or some other unforseen situation. The very affordable insurance is highly recommended though hopefully unnecessary. Paid entry fees cannot be refunded, though we suggest an additional ticket insurance, which will reimburse your entry fees if you are unable to take part in the race for health reasons. For participants from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland or the Czech Republic it is possible to book a ticket insurance HERE. For those from other countries, you can find several options when you search “ticket insurance” on your web browser.

Secondly, as Mike mentions, this is not a risk free race and it is possible that you might sustain an injury in the alpine terrain. In dire situations it may require evacuation by rescue helicopter and this is a very expensive and unfortunate possibility. You should take care of this worst case scenario before it happens by booking a temporary insurance just for the event. This is booked through the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships and costs only €10.12 per runner. The option for the €10.12 insurance is available as you register for the event HERE.

Mike also discussed a popular topic about starting times for each loop in case your teammates on previous loops don’t finish before the cutoff time. The first loop has a cutoff time of 10:00 CEST and the second loop a time of 19:00. If runners fail to finish their loops in the required time, their teammates on the next loop can begin at the mentioned cutoff. The team would be disqualified from winning the team race if one member cannot finish in the alotted time but the runner of each loop can still be victorious for their own individual run. (Mike does a much better job of explaining this, so please, watch the video.)

Last but certainly not least, he talked about why the GPS location hasn’t been released for the Championship’s routes. There are many reasons but mostly because the local farmers and property owners want to maintain the trails which often go through private land and also to protect wildlife. It is a delicate area and environmental sustainability is top priority for everyone involved in the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships.

I think that’s it. Long story short…watch the video!