Today we would like to briefly discuss the GPS tracks for the adidas INFINITE TRAILS routes which can now be found on the home-page of this website.

There are multiple reasons why the GPS tracking is only available now, just a few weeks before the event. We hope this delay did not cause our runners any serious inconvenience but as you will see, some things cannot be helped.

For the 2018 adidias INFINITE TRAILS World Championships, we had to get approval from 266 land owners in order to create the most ideal routes in the best areas in the Gastein region. As you may imagine, this took some work and by the time it was finished and the locals were 100% on board.

Please be aware that there are still cleanup efforts from rock slides and wind breakage in progress and certain sections may be temporarily blocked or closed by national forestry authorities for woodwork. However, the affected trails will be open for the race.

The GPS tracks for all routes can now be found on the home-page of our website (link to dropbox).

Please note that settings on GPS watches, phones etc. sometimes differ significantly and vertical meters may not be the same as seen on the official route map which has been created with accredited GPS map software for outdoor tour planning to deliver the best accuracy.

By publishing these tracks in advance, we appeal to your sense of responsibility and ask you to stick to the same code of behavior regarding our field of play that we apply to the race:

– respect wildlife habitats – do not train with headlights during dusk or dawn up in the mountains as this could scare nearby wildlife and chase them away and avoid protected wildlife zones

– respect forestry signs – if it says do not enter then don’t

– respect land owners and private property – close cattle gates

– respect nature – no littering

Let’s keep this in mind as well as common respect for our surroundings. As always, we are glad to answer any of your questions or concerns on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or email (the direct contact to race director, Mike Hamel). Thanks so much for your patience and we can’t wait to see you in Gastein!


~ Race Director, Mike Hamel