Over weekend we received a few emails of anxious runners whose team partner got injured and now has to withdraw from the race. I know that you are all excited and a little nervous so to avoid any speculation or rumors that have already started here is some clarification on the interpretation of our race rules.

Our first priority is, of course, that athletes who signed up and trained for this race get the chance to run it. However, bear in mind that the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships are a team competition and not an individual race.

The Prologue is mandatory for all teams.

  • If a team member withdraws prior to the Prologue, the team can no longer start as a team (DNS) and is therefore taken out of the WCH race, unless it finds a new team member before registration closes (Friday, 22 June at 3:00 pm). The remaining athletes may compete in the Vertical Open as individual athletes with a new race number.
  • If a team starts at the Prologue but doesn’t complete it as a team (meaning all three team members must cross the finish line), the team is disqualified, and the remaining team members may start as individuals with start times 5:00 am for Loop 1, 10:00 am for Loop 2 and 7:00 pm for Loop 3.
  • If a team member drops out AFTER the Prologue due to injury or sickness, the same rules apply.

Once the relay has started on Sunday, you will be allowed to run your loop if a teammate is unable to finish theirs. There are fixed starting times for each loop: 10:00 am for Loop 2 and 7:00 pm for Loop 3. This means that even if your teammate can’t finish, you can run no matter what. Your team will be disqualified if one member could not complete their part but each loop is a run unto itself and the individual finishers of each route will also be recognized.

On a side note – if you want to communicate with our Race Management Team please send your emails to registration@infinitetrails-worldchampionships.com or racedirector@infinitetrails-worldchampionships.com. Please do not use media@ – that’s meant for journalists.

~ Race Director, Mike Hamel