We may have mentioned cut-off times in the past but as it is a very important topic, we will briefly go through them all again.

Everyone must remember that any relay teams who have failed to pass the checkpoints by the specified cut-off times will be removed from the race by the organiser for safety reasons.

Cut-off times:
10:00 am Loop 1 / Bad Hofgastein (last of the Loop 2 runners may begin)
7:00 pm Loop 2 / Sportgastein
7:00 pm Loop 2 / Bad Hofgastein (last of the Loop 3 runners may begin)
9:00 pm Loop 3 / Biberbalm
10:00 pm Loop 3 / Präaualm
11:00 pm Loop 3 / Dorfgastein

The finish line will close at 01:00 am at the adidas INFINITE TRAILS Arena / Alpen Arena in Bad Hofgastein.

This schedule and the respective time limits are stated in detail on the route map and/or in the Call for Entrants. On safety grounds, the organiser reserves the right to adjust the schedule and the cut-off times at short notice.

Cut-off times are non-negotiable and serve to keep competitors safe! If a competitor continues to run in breach of the route staff’s instructions, he/she does so at his/her own risk and will be immediately disqualified, along with his/her entire relay team. In this case, the competitor will no longer have any right to further services (refreshments, safeguarding for the route, etc.) as part of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships in Gastein / SalzburgerLand.

After the cut-off times and at the end of the race, the race staff will comb and clear the route. Athletes who are found by the mountain rescue service must stop racing immediately, and will be led off the route for their own safety. The competition staff’s instructions also serve to keep competitors safe in this case and are non-negotiable.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that if a runner is to withdraw from their route before or during the race, they must contact the organiser to withdraw without delay. If a competitor drops out and does not call to withdraw from the race, he/she will bear the costs of any search carried out by the first aid and rescue staff.

If someone is to withdraw they must call the event’s general emergency  at +43 664 5848 700, and first explain if they are in any way injured and what their situation is. The DNF crew will then decide where and how to pick them up, depending on their location and seriousness of condition.

We of course want everyone to have a good time and enjoy this race but safety is our top priority and we ask that you follow these rules for your sake and for the well-being of all others involved.

Thanks for your understanding and we will see you out there on the trails!


~ Race Director, Mike Hamel