With the support of our aid station partners AGM, Gasteiner, Edelweiss and PowerBar we want to give our competitors everything they might need during the long and arduous races and hope that they will breeze through the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships with optimal energy provided by the best nutrition possible.

There are multiple aid stations that are located at mountain huts and in the valley to make the best use of the pre-existing infrastructure of Gastein, as part of our sustainable event concept.

Our aid stations will be loaded with natural foods and sports nutrition products. Each station is set strategically along each loop and has a selection of goods that should satisfy every individual runner. You will get a much better idea of this plan if you check out the aIT Race Map at this link: aITMAP.

For both the Prologue and the World Championships there will be two types of aid stations:

Liquid-only stations will have – Gasteiner water, PowerBar Isoactive and Coke.
Full stations will additionally have –PowerBar products, fresh fruit as well as sweet and savoury snacks (listed below). Depending on weather conditions, they will also provide hot drinks.

Prologue (Vertical Open) – One liquid-only station at the Kongresszentrum Bad Gastein and one full aid station at Altböckstein. There will also be finish line nutrition on Stubnerkogel Mountain after the race, plus athletes will receive a pasta dish in the restaurant at the summit.

aIT World Championships – A total of 15 aid stations will be available along the three Loops.

Loop 1 – One liquid-only station at Rastötzenalm and two full stations, at Gamskarkogelhütte and at Poserhöhe.

Loop 2 – One liquid-only station at the Kongresszentrum Bad Gastein, and five full aid stations at Himmelwandhütte, Graukogel Berghütte, Altböckstein Montan Museum, Valeriehaus, Stubnerkogel and Angertal.

Loop 3 – One liquid-only station at Fundner Heimalm and four full aid stations at Biberalm, Präaualm, Gemeindepark Dorfgastein and Breitenberg Bahnhof.

There will also be a full station at the finish line in addition to some awesome recuperation options at the Alpentherme (including a pasta buffet) which, together with the proper race nutrition, will help you recover quickly from the strenuous day. It is important to note that there will be no cups available at the aid stations (except at the Vertical Open) and athletes are required to bring their own cup or flask. Runners are allowed to bring nutrition and liquids along with them as long as they are not left in any part on the trail and are either discarded in a bin at the stations or are kept
until the end of the race.

Gasteiner, the mineral water which we provide at the aid stations, is the only Austrian mineral water from a national park in the Alps, the Hohe Tauern, and stands as one of the highest quality mineral waters in the world.

PowerBar is a proud partner of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships and will be supplying the competitors with an outstanding array of energy-fueling drinks, snacks and protein. ThePowerBar Sports Nutrition provided includes:

PowerBar Isoactive (Lemon flavor)
PowerGel Shots (Cola & Orange flavor)
PowerGel (Strawberry-Banana, Green Apple, Black Currant, Lemon-Lime flavor)
PowerBar Energize (Original Almond Vanilla, Salty Peanut, Berry, Chocolate flavor)
PowerBar Clean Whey – High in Protein (Chocolate Brownie flavour)
PowerBar ProteinNut2 – High in Protein (White Chocolate Coconut flavor)

AGM, a proud local partner of the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships will help with the logistics of transporting products to each location and provide runners with all natural and fresh produce like: Bananas, oranges, water melon, apples chocolate drops, salty peanuts, salty pretzels, manner wafers and muffins.

Edelweiss non-alcoholic wheat beer, isotonic refreshment with a hearty taste, is available on request at the four hot spots Kongresszentrum Bad Gastein, Graukogel, Stubnerkogel and Dorfgastein as well as at the finish line.


~ Race Director, Mike Hamel