Loop 3

Length: 40,06 km
Elevation change: 2116 vm +/-
Maximum height: 2176m (Jedlkopf)
Surface types: gravel path, trail, asphalt
Highlights: ridge run from the Jedlkopf via Seebachkatzenkopf to the Wetterkreuz


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GPS-TRACK // This time, you head north from the start and initially follow the Achenpromenade out of the valley, cross the Gasteiner Ache (river) and run across a brief asphalt section via hiking routes to Fundner Heimalm (= 1st aid station, drinks only, 5.2 km) and then via the steep Hytonga path to Biberalm (= 2nd aid station, full-service, 8.3 km). By this point, you will have completed approx. half of the route in terms of elevation.

You then continue along perfect trails, passing the Wetterkreuz and reaching the Seebachscharte (11.3 km). You leave the latter on your left, and from there you run along the ridge between the Gastein and Rauris valleys. On slightly undulating terrain you pass the Jedlkopf and the Seebachkatzenkopf and continue until Wetterkreuz where you leave the ridge and descent for 250 meters to Präaualm (3rd full-service aid station, 15.6 km) and climb up on Dorfer Himmel. From here you run on trails and forest roads towards Dorfgastein. As you run through the little village centre, you pass the 4th full-service aid station at 27.5 km.

At this point, in terms of elevation, you will have just 400 m left, on forest roads heading back in the direction of Bad Hofgastein. Once you have arrived at Bad Hofgastein’s railway station at the bottom of the valley, you can replenish your fluids at the 5th aid station (full-service, km 36.7).

If you have paced yourself well, you can go fast again here, grab your two teammates and sprint the last 700 m together to the finishline!