It’s Time to Pick your “Goal Race” for 2019

For true trail runners the idea of ever having “on” or “off” seasons is absurd and they trudge through the rain, snow and mud of whatever area they inhabit. Still, the melting snow and twittering birds of early March in the Alpine region can’t help but remind us that the mountain paths of Europe will soon be open for exploration.

While many have spent the winter months in warm climates that allow for year-long events, others have traveled around the world in search of opportunities in which they can stay in shape and do what they love. For most though, the running year is now truly beginning and they can realize the plans and goals that they either came up with months ago or are just now putting together.  

Cordis Hall, a native of Boulder, Colorado – and a recent addition to the adidas TERREX team – has the typically chill attitude attributed to folks from his home city. His advice for how to prep for a big running year is thus fittingly laid back and practical:

“Pick a couple big things that you really care about. Whether that is a loop in your backyard that you have been dreaming about, a big race, a time you want to get – anything that you really want. Once you have your big goals, then you can plan smaller races, fun days in the mountains and how you are going to train so you will be ready for your big goals.”

Big goals are what drive us forward as athletes and make us push ourselves to extremes in preparation, but a big part of planning a year is being realistic. At least that’s the opinion of veteran trail runner, Josh Eberley:

“Once I choose my first race of the year, I take a 30,000 foot view of my calendar. I check out what is realistic and what is the goal for each race leading up to the Goal Race. There will be plenty of smaller races at my beginning of the season to get me back in the mood of racing. I have found that if you have 2-3 months of just training and no racing, then it takes a couple of races to get the mind, body and legs into race mode!”

In other words, maybe don’t just “wing it” and run a few 5k baby races before competing in something as difficult and grand as the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships. This annual race – held this year from June 27th through June 30th in Gastein/SalzburgerLand, Austria – will be the Goal Race for many runners from all over the world.

Cordis loves the opportunity that this unique event presents to him, especially in terms of being part of a team:

“Racing in a team event is something I haven’t been able to do since high school, and something I have never done in a trail race. Being able to share the moments, happiness and challenge with my friends and teammates will make racing, spectating and supporting the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships a one of kind experience in the world.”

Josh, who is also a native to Colorado, is a veteran runner, coach and valued ambassador for the sport of trail running. He has an incredible array of medals and finishes to his name and is also stoked for his chance to run the beautiful trails in Gastein/SalzburgerLand:

“I am beyond excited to run the trails of Gastein! Being there last year and getting a small taste of what’s to come left me very hungry to get back!  The Alps are so different than our Colorado Mountains, so it was nice to see this terrain in order to be able to adapt myself better for the race this year.”

These two are a drop in the bucket of the competitors that have already registered for the second annual event that is only a few short months away. As there are limited spots available for the race and they quickly fill, Josh has a word of advice for anyone that might be on the fence about being part of the 2019 adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships:


“Don’t think about it, just pull the trigger! You will NOT be disappointed! The atmosphere, people, hot springs, race, trails and food are just a few things that will blow you away!”

Tell your friends and register now for a unique event in one of the most incredible places in the world.


~ Kevin Gillikin