Look, you know you’re curious about “infinitetrails-worldchampionships.com”, you assume that it must have something to do with trails and maybe something to do with really, really long trails.  Still, you might be wondering…”what is this and why am I spending my valuable time reading about it?”. Well let me put it as simply as I can:

This is a new, awesome, exciting event that is happening in June. JUNE! This year. Wow, it feels like it was just Christmas but it’s one blink away from being Spring. Okay I guess “awesome and exciting” isn’t very specific as to what exactly #infinitetrailswch IS…

It’s an adidas trail running competition, (June 22-24) in Gastein/SalzburgerLand, Austria with a very cool and unusual twist. It’s trail running with TEAMS. You will have three loops which each of the three team members can decide to run or pass on to their more gutsy companion. It’s in a gorgeous area (fairly close to Salzburg – thus the name) and has some of the quaintest most luxurious accommodation that you will find anywhere in the world.

The fun new twist is something that has runners all around the world already pumped. It mixes the singular, focused and (completely selfish) aspects of the individual competition with the strategized, load bearing, fun, (you better trust your friends) and exciting things that make team sports so popular.

Each part of the 3-man team will get to run their own loop (there are differences in distance and difficulty) but similar to a relay race, the second runner must wait for the first to finish and so on.

It’s also an event that is not only for pro runners but gives anyone and everyone (with the ability to run 24 mountain kilometers) the chance to participate in a world championship event. The tricky part is that there is only space for 333 teams and there are already teams signing up from all over the world.

There are incredible places to stay with world class hotels and the famous Alpentherme Gastein which will have you relaxed in no time after the races.

The adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships will be one of the top trail running events of the year in all of Europe and promises to be a killer time in Gastein/SalzburgerLand, Austria.  Check out the website  and the amazing packages for athletes and spectators (we want your friends, family and fans to have as good a time as you do).

Don’t wait too long before registering!

I’m in!

Are you?

– Kevin Gillikin


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